10 Reasons Why I Don’t Want To See You Anymore

 1. Too much people connected to you, first and foremost I dont want to be seen by them with you.

2. I do not want any gossips about us.

3. You have jumped into the sack and tied the knot.

4. My friends will know and they will just scold me again for having on-and-off connections with you.

5. I will just miss the way we used to do there. Especially the good times. Laughters, picnics, and more laughters.

6. I AM just being CAUTIOUS.

7. I am afraid that when times you can’t face me, or anything, you will just leave me again to your bestfriend. With lots of why’s to ask.

8. I haven’t seen you for two years now, and I don’t really even know how you look anymore.

9. I don’t know how will I treat you, especially in front of your friends.

10. I don’t want again to fall. Even if I miss you that much, I don’t want that after we have seen each other I will again keep waiting for you to see me, knowing that you already have a home to go to and cherish.

This is an epic fail, again and again and again.

Just don’t see me anymore. Keep on communicating, I’m enough with that, just don’t see me. :(

Talking shit.

Right love at the wrong time could never be replaced and repeated.

Several mistakes have been done, and many promises have been said.

Yet, I still lookback my life with you. Those priceless moments that I only get when I’m with you. Fuck love. Fuck it hard. Hoping that in any way I can be yours, and you’d be mine, even just for an day, or even an hour. But how? I just miss you badly.

I just thought that the last time we had the talk, we got cleared already and had our closure. But just now, yes, only this time I realized, you had never closed it. Thank you that in 2 years we haven’t seen each other, you still remember of me, dream of me, smile when thinking of me.

Those stupidities you make, yet you never learn and still do it over and over again.